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Calverton The trail is great for beginners with little experience under their belt. The main loop is 8.5 miles with an additional 2.0 miles of black diamonds. Half of the trail though is spent going and coming back in the oak maze section that is nothing but relatively flat switchbacks. Parts of the forest have burnt down. The best section by far is a quick flowy downhill section that takes you thru scuttle-hole. At the lowest depression is a natural pond/lake. It’s an amazing view in the winter time as you climb back out of it and get a great view looking down upon it.


Mileage: 10.5 miles total. 8.5 miles main loop. 2.0 miles of optional black diamonds off main loop.

Technical: Tight twisty turns in oak maze, couple log rolls, sandyish conditions at time.

Elevation: 300 ft of climbing with 84 ft of elevation change.

Flow: The entrance and exit is a oak maze. When you get to black diamonds there is elevation changes and some fast downhills.

Overall: A great beginner to intermediate trail that changes scenery along the way. Some nice natural trail features to be seen.