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Cathedral Pines

Cathedral Pines is close to 10 miles of singletrack fun. Near 6.5 miles of main loop which is relatively flat with a decent amount of roots and switchbacks. Lots of Pine around hence the name. 3.5 miles of diamonds allow for some quicker movement through more flowy sections with decent downhills considering the relatively low elevation of the terrain. The 3 biggest hills are relatively close to each other in the same diamond section allowing for hammerheads to pace thru quickly testing their endurance that day. Some wooden features exist in the form of one skinny, 1 short bridge, a few log piles. Good trail for a beginner to learn the basic skills of mountain biking allowing them to tackle some elevation and mild technical features.


Mileage: 10 miles total. Main loop is 6.5 miles. 3.5 miles of optional black diamonds off of main loop.

Technical: A couple short punchy climbs, loose pines needles, and tons of roots.

Elevation: 280 ft of climbing with 60 ft of elevation change.

Flow: A very fast riding trail due to little elevation change. Be careful of pines needles and roots. Some tight turns and fast downhills.

Overall: When you think of riding a bike in the woods…this is it. A very beginner to intermediate trail with good trail layout. Rolling hills terrain with lots of roots.