About the Trail Concerns category

To discuss potential issues that affect the trails. Examples include and
not limited to fallen trees, erosion, features in need of repair,
broken glass, etc…

Glacier 8

  1. Fallen tree by handball entrance on blue line…removed and log roll made.
  2. Fallen tree on downhill leading into orange…removed completely.

Glacier 8

  1. Swept lots of old glass from blue downhill by Orange line.
  2. Also swept sandy areas on downhill.
  3. Starting tweaking berms and log rolls on Agent Orange.

Did a walk thru yesterday at G8 and removed some glass from trail. Waiting on more rain to touch up berms, rollers, etc…Agent Orange will be getting some new stuff later this year…stay tuned!

Over the last couple days have put in major work.

  1. Berms on Agent Orange and True Blue have been touched up.
    2.Drains have been fixed and cleared out.
  2. Log rolls packed with fresh clay.

Still a couple things left to do but trail is in primo shape. Go get some if you haven’t been in awhile!!

Went in with my friend today at G8 to test out some newer lines that I added and to see how the features were doing. The winds the other day knocked down a lot of twigs, branches, and even a medium sized tree. We cleared most of it.The leaves have begun to fall as well. Also saw destruction of certain sections due to a horse rider. Why can’t people ride on thier own trails… even saw a dumb hiker going up the blue line in reverse. That’s the end of it and a very fast downhill with switchbacks. It’s dangerous and just plain inconsiderate…yet we have to be patient with hikers. But if a mountain biker rides on a hiking trail it’s the end of the world…

Did a quick lap with my friend Dave today at Glacier 8…we noticed two trees down. One is pretty big and broke into 3 pieces blocking the trail completely. That one is on the blue at the end when your finishing up. The other one is medium sized and on blue as well before the log roll where it merges with orange. I will go in later this week and try to fix both areas…

Glacier 8:
Tree at end of True Blue is completely gone. Two fallen trees at beginning of Mellow Yellow. One tree that fell at beginning of blue downhill has been cleared. A big tree down at merge of blue downhill and Agent Orange.

The newest addition to the Glacier 8 trail crew Tom cleared the whole trail of branches and twigs. Both of us have been tweaking all the berms on Agent Orange. Next up will be the berms on True Blue and for the next year Pink Floyd will get some much needed berms.

Tom and I spent a couple hours at Glacier8 yesterday…

  1. Touched up tree berm at end of blue.
  2. Touched up skinny at end of pink.
  3. Reshaped and refaced berm before Orange begins.
  4. Raked and scraped new B-line.
  5. Reshaped double roller/double on B-line.
  6. Made berm landing after double much bigger.
  7. Reshaped berm leading into step-up.

Be on the lockout for more improvements and new features for next year!!

I trimmed all of True Blue and Agent Orange at Glacier 8…will get to Mellow Yellow and Pink Floyd later this week.

Finished trimming trail with help from Stu n Dave on mellow yellow. A big tree came down on Blue by beginning from golf course. A chainsaw will be needed…
Monster that fell…

Went in with Dave and got rid of 20% of the leaves off the trail. Whole trail should be done within 2 weeks or less…trail bed is looking real nice and firm…go get some…