Glacier Ridge

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Glacier Ridge

Most people’s favorite trail on Long Island. A flowy trail for sure and SS friendly. The main loop is about 4 miles but sections of it are tight and there’s some elevation changes that may be too much for a beginner.
There’s just over 9.5 miles of diamonds, both single and double. There is constant up and down flow which is great for plenty of fun when riding or trying to increase your time for a good workout. There’s some small logs to roll over, some rocks from small to large rollers to ride over, and plenty of tight twisty flow turns. There’s some moguls as well. Watch your bars and keep your lines clean. If not you’re going to be sorry as you’ll get banged up from some trees. Watch out for the occasional stump, rock, or box turtle(don’t harm em) to catch a pedal on.
The trail is setup like none other. Everything loops around and you can do a diamond two or three times if you want without having to do another diamond. You can ride this trail with a few inches of snow on the ground as well.
Total mileage is about 13.5. When you’re on Long Island and are in shape this trail flows like no other. Can also connect to Overton trail via Hunter’s Path for a double header. Come get some, you won’t be disappointed!


Mileage: 13.5 miles total. Main loop being 4 miles. 9.5 miles of optional black diamond loops.

Technical: Some tight spots to navigate, rock rollers, log rolls and moguls.

Elevation: About 1100 ft of climbing with a 140 ft of elevation change. Rollercoaster of a trail!

Flow: A fast riding trail to get your blood flowing. One of the best designed trails on the island.

Overall: A fan favorite for a reason…amusement park on wheels! Gears or no gears get ready to have fun. Being able to connect to another trail…icing on the cake.