Beautiful weather out there, go ride!


Really nice weather we have, I hope you’re all out there hitting the trails!


Today was a late day on the route.
I got home and did a Niss road ride.
Pace was brisk and unforgiving


Heading to RP trail after I finish my chores :sunglasses: :bike:


Fatty or regular bike? I’m jealous :weary:


Fatty​:smiley:. Once I wear this one out a bit I’ll prolly ride the K2 and realize once again how light and awesome it is :blush:.


I got out today again. It was another road ride in the AM

47miles with the b+ group, pace was an easy peasy 18.1 MPH

Tim, enjoy the new ride and brett enjoy yours


Weather has been nice since I got back from Costa Rica. Have ridden Glacier 8, Glacier Ridge, Meadowlark, Edgewood and Stillwell so far. Probably shred something today.


Wow you really get around