Its officially official

I said "I’m gunna hit it hard for 5 years working. I have busted my ass… long days and hard work.

Missed out on a lot of riding, but was still able to maintain my strength by going to the gym 3 nights a week.

But its official… We purchased the house in florida… done deal. Absolutely beautiful nieghborhood on a large piece of property.

Most of the awesome trails are with in an hour (santos and alafia are about 2 hours away)

Best part of this whole thing… house is paid for in full… no debt.

Selling my home in smithtown… am I going to move… dunno yet, but if i do its gunna be great living an easy life on easy street (name of the road) riding everyday.

I have met some awesome people thru vision, but the best relationship that was created was Loretto.

She Helped me thru My almost divorce and then thru my wifes suicide … My first business and the new one… and all the other speed bumps

Lots of things to be thankful for… but i am totally
Stoked about the florida house… damn … I deserve it… 5 years i busted my ass

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That’s awesome, congratulations!