Manorville Hills


Manorville Hills

Entering the trail for the first 2 miles is a 2 way trail. At this point you will come to Terrapin Rock. This is where you enter the one way trail. You will find that you will be testing your cardio from this point to the 5.5 mile mark by consistantly climbing. From here on the trail levels with some short uphills and some super fast downhills and flats. At 9.25 miles you start climbing again with some gradual down hills. This will continue until you come to Terrapin Rock, then back to the 2 way trail. When back on the 2 way trail it will be work for a short distance then it is a super fast trip back to the car on some really sweet double track.


Mileage: About 13 miles with no real bail outs… . If you read the map before you head into the trail you will see fire roads 1 thru 4 which all lead back to the beginning of the trail. These could be used as bail outs, but beware they are still a lot of work.
4.4 miles to Terrapin Rock and back to lot if you don’t want to do the whole trail or 6.6 miles to Trolls knoll(triangle of logs) and back

Technical: This trail is Intermediate, but those who have good cardio will be thrilled with the fun.

Elevation: 1100 ft of climbing with150 ft of Constant elevation changes. (you will rarely be on a flat)

Flow: Lots of flow when going fast. Could be a little boring if riding slow.

The fast guys are logging about an hour on this trail. Average riders are doing this around 1 hr 20 mins. Slow riders are between 1 hr 30 mins and 2 hrs. This trail is fun and just never stops giving (or taking… pending how you view it). You will find your cardio and strength will be tested. For me this is one of my favorite Long Island trails.