Night riding gear


I found my old Planet Bike Alias single light set in a drawer yesterday. Plugged the battery in hoping for the best after being put away for years and amazingly enough it charged fine!


How many lumens is that old puppy?? I remember I started with really crappy 35 lumen lights…almost died!! Nowadays I run two lights a niterider miniNewt 750 and a Lumina 800 sport. Usually on med unless I’m flying!!


I think maybe 200-300, it’s a 10W halogen bulb. Run time is right around 2 hours.


Wow how things change. My older light uses nickel cadium battery while newer one is lithium ion. Both have lo…med…and high modes giving 2…3.5…and 5 hr run time. The bulbs are all Led Cree pretty much. I love night riding especially in summer when it’s hot.


I sell lights on my truck that are 750 lumens


I just received a new night light led from Amazon “Skye Reker 8.4v” has 5 cree led’s and man this thing is bright!! It was $22 with free shipping! Loving it and can’t wait to night ride! :grin:


Update! It was $25.99 6000 lumens!:sunglasses:


Wow that is a heck of a deal!


Yes! I think I might get 2! :grin: going for a ride now at RP giving it a test run to see how it holds up during the day


Holy crap…that must be bright.

6000 lumens…insane!