What did you do on your bike?


Wasn’t feeling good all weekend but managed 25 miles with a 101.6 fever. Got to ride with my nephew and an old friend. He’s pretty much a bmxer so I lent him my rigid SS…he did pretty good.


I did nothing on my bike but did a whole lot of kids sports… Lacrosse, Baseball, Soccer…


Today enjoyed the day off and went to test out some lines we recently added at the “Freebird trails”. The dirt was tacky and super grippy. Nothing like building something then sending it…
Fun day of hitting gaps, berms, and rollers. Maybe load some pics up later…


Cool, I’d love to see them.


Got the rear brake lever replaced on the fatty. Also did a bleed to the front brake. Yesterday went to Bethpage with some friends…checked out the rerouted Brickyard and the new cut off the pink (pink-red dot). Newer stuff wasn’t bad but the leaves and pine needles are everywhere.
Now just have to put new chain, pulley wheel and rear der on the downhill bike.


Post them up please. I’m recovering from a little bug my 6 yo was nice enough to share with me so some inspiration would be great.


Did a morning ride with the G8 trail stewards…hands down we have one of the best teams on the island. All trees have been cleared! On top of maintenance we add flow and features to the trail. Who wants to ride the same trail forever right??


Finished off the year with a ride of East Setauket. Went in with my friend Dave. We did the top half of the east side and the West side. We cleaned everything and the trail was riding fairly well. A very windy day but nice nonetheless. Happy New Year everyone!!


Yesterday did a couple miles at Bethpage Park with my friend Dave. Trail was in pretty good shape. Even found the newer Yellow-Orange dot which incorporates the old jump line…tons of fun. Day was pretty warm with some wind. Picked up a new bike computer and bike light.


Had to replenish the Stans on my tires on the way to Sprain Ridge. Went up with Jared. About a mile in he got a bad tear on his rear tire. Went to the nearby REI and he bought a new tire and set it up. We got in about 7.5 miles and had a blast. Drops, skinnies, rollers, rock gardens, technical climbs, fast downhills…etc are what make Sprain so fun!!


Got a great ride in at G8 with my friend Dave. Other than some fallen trees and some horse damage trail was in primo shape. Felt great to be in shorts and a t-shirt again. Gonna be a great season.


For the 4th of July weekend did an NBC reunion ride at Glacier Ridge. Brian came up from North Carolina and Nick is moving back from Georgia. It was a fun but hot ride, neither had ridden White Ghost extension. Yesterday headed over to East Setauket and did the 1st half of the east side. Man this trail has grown over the years…We found all the newer cuts including “Hell Hill” which we cleaned easily. Definitely a little grown in and beware of ticks. My friend pulled one off his calf at end of ride. Today gonna do a casual ride with two girlfriends.


Did the usual Thanksgiving ride with the crew at Glacier 8. Have been working on the girlfriend’s bike.


Yesterday put in a couple hours of trail work at Glacier 8 with some friends. Did some riding as well to test new features. Finally completed the"Zig zag" berm which is right at the end of blue when finishing the trail. It’s basically a 45° left turn into a 45° right turn …no more scrubbing precious Speed…also added a fox hole roller with step down drop at end…


How long is this trail now?


Still a relatively small trail maybe 4.4 miles but packs a punch. But definitely the most improved trail we have on Long Island with Overton being a close 2nd. But there is still lots of projects to complete and maximum flow has not been reached…we should do the Bbq ride we tried for last year there. It’s always free year round and close to LIE…


Some pics of “Zig zag” berm…
The left turn…

The right turn…

Dave and Tom testing it out!!


On Monday hit some Overton with my friend Dave…we did 90% due to lack of time. Trail was in great shape…even did the newest cut “Got 6 mins” which is halfway decent. Love the techy riding there!!


Is the construction done over there, in between the Glacier Ridge and Overton?


As far as the street goes, pretty much. As far as the housing complex…definetly not. And now there’s a new section where you cross over in Gr…Hey Tim if you ever do a reorder on jerseys let me know. I need another one(mine is pretty beat up) and maybe the boys would like some and one for the girlfriend…