What’s going on out there

Weird weather making things interesting. What trails and how are they?

Belle and Overton are the best lately, glacier was decent but had a few slick spots on Friday morning. It’s the typical stay off the mains. Find a ride and enjoy the warm weather!

I’ve ridden G8 and Overton as of late…did Stillwell not too long ago in okish shape. Will try for ES before Sedona trip!!

How is g8 with this spotty rain and general mush?

One of the best draining trails on the Island…just stay away from yellow loop…tends to get mushy from being low in the trail.

That is the north section that flooded? It’s too bad it’s so short but a few laps, then backwards and so on to add it up! We are so lucky to have all these trails

Thru Dec and Jan I was riding Overton. It seemed to always be in excellent condition.

Will be enjoying warmer weather this week and riding some tech trails in Phoenix or Sedona…will be sure to post pics n video.

Sweet! Can’t wait to see the pictures. Watch out for rattlers :snake: